Download Trial of QC PRO EX Plus

QC PRO EX Plus is an advanced Excel Add-in software to read measured data directly from measuring device with Transmitter into Microsoft Excel. Able to make Excel based inspection report immediately.

*When downloading and installing,Vectrix Corporation considers to be agreed to software disclaimer.

License and Limit of responsibility

Unless otherwise specified customer is permitted to use this software within trial period
after installation at one time for the purpose of evaluation.
Trial use of software is limited for evaluation, prohibit to use after trial period.

■Limit of responsibility
Customer should understand that this software is very complicated and it has some
bugs, and by own expense and responsibility, customer should make backup or control the duties that use this software.
Vectrix Corporation has not any responsibilities of damage caused by the negligence.
In the following cases Vectrix Corporation is disclaimed from any responsibilities.

  1. Loss of data and profit that should have been gained by use of this software, and the other indirect loss.
  2. Loss caused by special reason whether Vectrix Corporation could foresee or not.

※Limit of this responsibility is applied irrespective of contract responsibility, wrongful conduct and other legal reason.

■General article

  1. This agreement has priority over all former agreements taken between customer and Vectrix Corporation, and is applied.
  2. When customer takes out this software into foreign country from Japan, he should obey the export control rules of Japan.
  3. Regardless of nation where this software will be used, law of Japan is applied to this agreement.
PC circumstances
  • 【OS】 Windows? 10/11(Home/Pro)
  • 【Excel】 Excel 2013~2021(32bit or 64bit),Excel 365(for Excel 2013~2021)
  • 【Memory】4GB or more
  • 【Restricted matters】Trial period;30 days.(Reset is unnavailable by uninstallation.)
    ※No function restriction. Same as released QCPROEX Plus.
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Unsubscription is available at any time.
We are responsible to delete the customer’s information which was applied to be unsubscribed.

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