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Defacto Standard

-Exclusive to Small screw & Tapping screw-

Connecting to your PC, screw torque is graphically analyzed.

Product type

1.Electric Driver Type (1Nm, 2Nm, 5Nm)

Electric Screwdriver Type used in work site

Electric Driver Type

2.AC Servo Motor type(0.5Nm, 1Nm, 2Nm, 5Nm, 10Nm, 20Nm)

AC Motor Type with non-step rpm adjustment(Max.3,000 rpm)
TRQ-0.5ACU, 1ACU, 2ACU, 5AGU, 10AGU or 20ACU

AC Servo Motor Type

Selling points

Prompt analysis of fastening torque!

1.Test by actual workpiece and fastening condition
2.Prompt display of target fastening torque by statistical method
3.Best decision of hole dia.,kind and fastening condition for tapping screw
4.Available for PC on the market by USB connection
5.Prompt Test Report generation with torque graph
6.Excel output of torque data

Torque data analysis screen
Test report

Basic Functions

1.Graphical display of torque characteristics for tapping screw

Prompt display of Driving Torque(TD) by automatic search

①Prompt visual display of Setting Torque(TS) with tolerance by statistical method
②Histogram display of Failure Torque(TF) with normal distribution graph
③Histogram display of Driving Torque(TD) with normal distribution graph by its automatic detection
④X-axis of graph:Time(unit;ms)、 Y-axis:Torque value
Variable setting of number of significant figure and decimal figure
⑤Variable scale setting enables visual graph and partial enlargement of graph

2.”Superposition” & “Composite” graph from multiple torque curves

2 types of torque graphs from multiple sample data

①Abnormal data detection from “Superposition graph”
②Torque characteristics comparison with other tapping screw by “Composite graph”

3.Torque test under actual tightening condition !

Torque test is possible by actual assembling work

①Making of bothersome test piece is unnecessary
Other torque analyzer requires test piece, the result is different from actual assembling work.
②High speed revolution torque test
Other torque analyzer tests by low speed such as several revolutions per minute.
Actual tightening speed is much faster than the low speed.
This torque analyzer is able to test by high speed revolution under actual tightening condition.

4.Easy setting of test condition and its view

Test condition at a glance

①Selection from 3 kinds of tests Driving test, Loosening test or Repeat test
②Selection from 4 kinds of units N・m, N・cm, Kgf・cm or lbf・in
③Selection from 30 kinds of test reports
④Free item name
⑤Automatic duplication of previous same test condition

Other Functions

1.Loosening test

Detecting loosening torque automatically, display as minus torque.

Loosening of fastener is caused by reverse rotation ,not driving the recess but mainly right-angle vibration to the axis.
Therefore to execute the loosening test, by as possible as low r.p.m loosens fastener showing graph of loosening torque.
Torque Analyzer automatically analyzes loosening torque characteristics, including detecting start loosening torque TL(Loosening Torque)

2.Repeat test

Automatic alternative test of driving and loosening

Tapping screw is said to be unsuitable for repeat use.
Some users request repeat test for tapping screw as one of its quality characteristics.
PC Torque Analyzer can execute repeat test by automatically changing tightening and loosening test alternately.
Repeat test data are shown on one graph first tightening then loosening torque.
Repeat test is useful function for measuring limit of repeat use of tapping screw.

3.Over-driving test

By over-driving test, it is possible to analyze and measure actual over-driving torque.

To measure the torque of already tightened screw, PC torque analyzer can execute over-driving test by low speed (10 r.p.m. or less).
In the torque graph of over-driving process, PC torque analyzer detects 2 inflection points.
These points are maximum stationary friction strength point and dynamic friction strength point which are appeared in the graph when screw starts to rotate again by slow over-driving.
The dynamic friction strength torque is actual tightened torque.
Over-torque test is useful function for measuring “Creep”.

※ This test is available only for r.p.m. adjustable AC servo type

4.Torque calibration on working site

By attached calibration kit, torque calibration by yourself is available.

Saving the calibration history helps easy calibration control.
By calling the history, it is possible to skip calibration work such as re-install to PC.

5.Prompt Test Report generation with torque graph

Bothering graph edition such as magnification, reduction or cut&past is unnecessary.

Printing test report including test condition set before test is available.
30 kinds of Excel report format are available.
Free edition to Excel format including graph is available.
Torque graph is automatically sized according to test format and pasted by bmp format.
Test report is saved by Excel format in PC, therefore it is possible for PC not installed Torque analyzer software to display, print test report or send it by Email.

6.Torque data output by Excel or CSV format

Digital sampled torque data are converted to Excel or CSV format.

Torque data are sampled every 1/1000 sec and outputted to PC, therefore other analysis software can use these data.

Recommended PC circumstances

OS;Windows 7 or later of Japanese edition for Japanese or English Torque Analyzer software
OS;Windows 7 or later of English edition for English Torque Analyzer software
Microsoft .Net Framework:4.0 or over
Main Memory; 1GB or over
Interface between PC & Main body: USB2.0
*Software of PC Torque Analyzer is provided by Japanese or English edition.


Annual support for support member

1.Remote support by “TeamViewer” and support desk
2.Discount sales of version up software and operation service at user site
3.Re-issue of software CD-ROM and operations manual
4.Supply latest updated software edition

User examples

Fastener user

  • Decision of standard fastening operation at assembling line.
  • Torque analysis for new product
  • Torque analysis for hole dia. decision
  • Torque analysis for fastening troubles
  • Torque test of purchased screws and instruction of setting torque at fastening work

Fastener manufacturer

  • New screw development and comparison of competitor screws
  • Making advertising and technical materials of products at new customer cultivation
  • Making technical materials and proposal for customer
  • Preparation of Torque Test Report at shipping
  • Analysis and countermeasure against fastening troubles

Fastener trader

  • Making technical materials and comparison of competitor screws for new customer cultivation
  • Fastening data collection and analysis for new screw development
  • Making technical materials and proposal for customer
  • Evaluation and technical advice to fastening manufacturer

* About other consults, please contact with Vectrix Corporation.